Board reshuffle at Aquilon Pharmaceuticals

Following a decision, taken during the September Board meeting, Mr Paul Maes handed over the role of Executive Chairman to Mr Frank Pieters, who already held a Board position and is actively involved in Corporate Strategy and Business Development.

Aquilon Pharma team

This move will allow Paul, who is confirmed as CEO of Aquilon Pharmaceuticals, to fully focus on running the day-to-day activities and intensify the scientific and development effort of the company.

Aquilon Pharmaceuticals immediately kicked off the project to add International Expertise and Experience to its different Governance layers, and started the implementation, following unanimous acceptance of the plan by the Board on December 7th.

In a first phase of this exercise, the Board of Directors approved the nomination of Dr Hassan Benameur as Board Member, replacing Mr Patrick Jeanmart who decided to step down to focus on other activities.

Dr Hassan Benameur has a PhD in Pharmaceutical and Drug Design and is Chemical Engineer Chemistry and Biochemistry. He previously held executive positions at Lonza, Pfizer and Capsugel and is Adjunct Professor at Monash University. In addition to his role at the Board, Dr Benameur will assist the executive team in Scientific Affairs and Business Development.

Aquilon Pharmaceuticals wishes to thank Patrick Jeanmart and warmly welcome Dr Hassan Benameur.

With these moves, the first phase of the Board reshuffle is completed. A second phase, including new nominations, will be announced by the end of January 2023.

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