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Asthma treatment evolves thanks to Liège-based company

A Liège-based company, a spin-off from the University of Liège, is developing a new, more effective device for treating asthma.

Aquilon pharma purchases preciseinhale for innovative asthma and copd research

Inhalation Sciences receives new order worth 292 KEUR from Aquilon Pharma.


The Biopark recently became home to a branch of Aquilon Pharma.

Aquilon Pharma to test its respiratory treatment for Covid-19

Liège-based biotech Aquilon is to launch a Phase II clinical trial to evaluate its treatment for other respiratory diseases against Covid-19.

Covid-19: a new treatment being tested

Aquilon pharma, a start-up from the University of Liège specializing in the respiratory field, has developed a completely new cortisone-based treatment.

Aquilon aims to raise $18 million within 18 months

The ULiège spin-off specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases launches a Phase II clinical trial in January.

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