Aquilon proves the high potential of HP-Betadex in Dry Powder formulation

The BioWin-funded Aeronext research project has reached its mid-term milestone, confirming the clinical and technological potential of HP-Betadex formulations for dry powder inhalers.

Well-known active pharmaceutical ingredients, mainly used for the treatment of asthma and COPD, formulated with Aquilon’s propriety technology, achieve higher efficacy compared to lactose-based formulations.

This unique and patented formulation technology achieves 79% deposition of the fine particle fraction and 70% deposition of the expired fraction using a standard inhaler device, representing a breakthrough in inhalation therapy.

These key data represent an important step forward in confirming Aquilon Pharma’s potential in the development of formulations for dry powder inhalers.

As a result, Aquilon can now move forward with great confidence with dry powder formulations of novel and biologic treatments to be delivered by inhalation.

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