Innovative dry powder formulation, based on the excipient technology


AQ002P, fixed ICS-LABA combination dry powder formulation

By reformulating existing ICS and LABA with its new technology, Aquilon Pharma has developed a dry powder formulation with unique aerosol properties achieving co-deposition of ICS and LABA into the deep lung.

The answer to today’s needs in the field of asthma medication

Inhaled fixed ICS-LABA combinations are the basic treatment option for asthma patients.

The small airways (deep lungs) are the major site of lung inflammation and airflow limitation in asthma or other lung disease and should be the target of inhaled drugs. Unfortunately, due to typical aerosol properties, the current drug powder formulations have a high deposition in the upper airways (mouth, throat and upper trachea) causing local side effects. Aquilon Pharma’s dry powder formulation is the key. The excipient is the core of the “Golf Ball Effect”, leading to accurate and high deposition in the deep lung.


Aquilon Pharma has several patents covering various aspects of its formulation, with protection up to 2039.

Medical advantages

Thanks to the “Golf Ball Effect” based on Aquilon Pharma’s excipient, AQ002P …

  • Shows prolonged airway activity for the same drug concentration
  • Achieves co-deposition of actives in the deep lungs
  • Is more efficient than existing dry powder formulations at a lower dose
  • Improves the efficiency of the administration
  • Minimizes the risk of side effects
  • Minimizes the risk of misuse


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