R&D Technician III

Because our product portfolio is growing we are in need of experienced professionals who can support us with skills and knowledge in Analytical Chemistry. Therefore, we are now opening a new position for a R&D Technician III.

What you will do:
  • Operate state of the art UPLC-MS equipment.
  • Develop analytical methods to test raw materials, intermediates and formulated product.
  • Coordinate analytical method validation activities.
  • Write proper protocol and reports and draw scientifically sound conclusions.
  • Bring forward ideas and solutions to the project team during project execution.
  • Represent Aquilon during meetings with suppliers and CDMO’s.
  • Collaborate with and coach other colleagues during project execution.
  • Coordinate equipment maintenance and compliancy activities in the lab.
  • Design, execute and monitor stability studies and report the results and conclusions to the project team.
  • Assist in product and process development activities in general to understand impact on quality.
  • Perform ‘routine’ analysis to help colleagues during busy times.
  • Facilitate tech-transfer activities to CDMO’s
  • Continuously improve the organization processes by writing SOP’s and work instructions.
  • Review all acquired analytical data during project execution.
  • Contribute to the occupational safety at the lab.
The ideal candidate is a:
  • Self-starter and proactive
  • Strong multi-level communicator
  • Enthusiastic and eager specialist
  • Ambitious and curious person
  • Good team-player and easily accessible colleague
  • Critical thinker and creative problem solver
  • Trustworthy and a responsible role model to the team and external contacts
What should you bring: 
  • You are a good organizer and keep track of tasks and priorities.
  • You have experience in writing protocols and reports and are familiar with S.M.A.R.T.
  • You always have a back-up plan
  • You understand variation and statistical concepts
  • You have strong rational thinking skills
  • You are critical on data and your own performance
  • You have Excel and MiniTab skills
  • You understand the basic operation of analytical equipment
  • You like to help and coach others
  • You hold a BSc or MSc degree in analytical chemistry and can operate UPLC-MS
  • You have a minimum of five years work experience, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fluency in the English language
What we offer:
  • A very challenging work environment
  • Projects that really asks the best of you
  • Project team where you have direct impact and where you can learn from other specialists in the development team.
  • Renumeration based on experience and qualifications

To apply, please send your resume and a motivation letter in English and by e-mail, with the subject “R&D Technician III” at: info@aquilonpharma.com.

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