Innovative liquid formulation, based on the functional excipient technology

AQ001N, as reference in the treatment of Nasal Disorders

HP-Betadex Solution can be combined with different molecules in the treatment of nasal disorders. A significant percentage of patient suffered from nasal diseases remains uncontrolled despite adequate treatment, and surely in Allergic Rhinitis.

The answer to today’s needs in the field of allergic rhinitis medication

Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) tries to gives an international consensus to treat patients suffering from AR, INCS being considered as the first-line treatment.

The INCS cover all AR symptoms that are Nasal congestion/obstruction, rhinorrhoea, itchy nose and/or eyes, and/or sneezing are the symptoms of AR. The overall clinical response does not appear to vary significantly between available INCS, irrespective of the differences in topical potency, lipid solubility, and binding affinity. When givin in recommended doses INCS are not associated with clinically significant systemic side effects.

Because Intranasal corticosteroids are the most effective medication class in controlling the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, Aquilon Pharma’s AQ001N is the key.


Aquilon Pharma has strong patents covering its functional excipient platform up to 2039. Several patents are granted in most of the key countries around the globe.

Medical Advantages

Thanks to the functional excipient in the AQ001N complex, Aquilon expects to

  • Show prolonged airway activity for the same
    drug concentration
  • Have a better diffusion in the nasal membrane
  • Be more efficient than existing INCS at lower
  • Improve the efficiency of the administration
  •  Minimize the risk of side effects and/or drug


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