Innovative liquid formulation, based on the functional excipient technology

AQ001M, a soluble steroid for Soft Mist Inhaler

By reformulating existing ICS with its proprietary functional excipient, Aquilon Pharma makes ICS soluble in water

The answer to today’s needs in the field of asthma medication

Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) are the basic treatment option for suppressing airway inflammation.

ICS can be delivered via several types of devices, but it is not commonly delivered via Soft Mist Inhalation.

Aquilon Pharma is currently the ONLY development company capable of formulating an Ultra Low Dose Budesonide for lung delivery through Soft Mist Inhaler.
Aquilon Pharma’s AQ001M formulation is the key.


Aquilon Pharma has strong patents covering its functional excipient platform up to 2039. Several patents are granted in most of the key countries around the globe.

Medical Advantages

Thanks to its combination with the functional excipient, AQ001M …

  • Shows prolonged airway activity for the same
    ICS concentration
  • Offers improved diffusion in the lungs
  • Is more efficient than existing suspensions at a
    lower dose
  • Improves the efficiency of administration
  •  Minimizes the risk of side effects
  • Minimizes the risk of misuse


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